Carlos Gamonal. 1972, Canary Islands.

Represents the 3rd generation of cooks in The Gamonal´s family, is director and head chef of Gamonal Group company dedicated to catering and hotel services, culinary consultant and manager of stewardship services company Te Regalamos Tempo.

It is the first of four brothers and since was a child has been at the hotplates ... licensed to "spend", as his father always encouraged him to research and development in the kitchen.

After finishing his business studies at the La Laguna University joined the family business to learn and develop the profession under the tutelage of his father. Visit the kitchens most important during his time as an apprentice in the Basque Country and France

Carlos Gamonal is now considered an artist in the cook profession. He has developed performance-art gourmet such as "School for gods, the landscape of No 8" ALIEN AT THE HOTEL, the 4Bs menus. He also designs new leisure opportunities in the XXI century Hospitality such as "Magic Paella" or set of the TECHNO RENAISSANCE kitchen. Today starts the Conscious Feeding project whose patterns applies daily at work.

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Awards and Distinctions: 

•        First prize in the international contest "GOURMET 96" Città di Lugano Switzerland.


•        Award "PLATO JOVEN DE LA COCINA" sponsored by the Bidasoa Porcelain. Basque Country. (1999)


· Best Chef Award CANARY ISLAND (2000) awarded by the newspaper Diario de Avisos in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


•        2nd place in the Third HAUTE CUISINE CONTEST FOR YOUNG CHEFS AUTHOR "Oyarvide JESUS​​." nationwide. (1996).


•        Nomination for PLATO JOVEN DE LA CONINA ESPAÑOLA (1998)


•        BEST SERVICE COMPANY Prize awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Navigation of the Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. (2003)


•        During the activity of the Restaurant Mesonb el Drago got 1 Michelin star, 2 soles CAMPSA guide and a score of 7.5 on the national guide "The Best of Spanish Gastronomy". Currently, we only dedícate to food on request.


Carlos Gamonal


    Im Not What I eat.

                 I eat to BE.

I eat to gain conscience

             of what I am.

Are We what we eat?

          Certainly NOT.

   Im Not What I eat.

   I´m sure...I eat to BE.